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Re: Brad Framers is still down

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998 08:39:38 +0200, Emil Larsson <qtxelar@etxb.ericsson.se>

>About that 'mult-day outage' Dan's talking about; I've received some
>mail every day this week. I too noticed a very low frequence the last
>couple of days, but the're was no mult-day outage in my mail box anyway.

If you have a look at the posts that actually *arrived* in your box
the last two days, I'll bet you'll find every one was cross-posted
to here.  You just have your filter set to send everything that
mentions frameusers to *that* box first... which will of course
include all cross-posts.  If you filter on "Sender:", you'll sort
it right out; that's what I do.

>Talking about 'pre-screening' and such, I replied to a cross-post about
>a week ago. It went out in Brads list some minutes later, but it NEVER
>showed up in this...

Er, I hate to tell you this, but you didn't cross-post anything last
week.  (Can't tell about anything before 10/1 right now; my earlier
archive is put away.)  You posted one there Fri 10/2, one Thu 10/8,
one Fri 10/9, and three Mon 10/12.  *None* of them were cross-posts.
The one you posted here on Thu 10/8 wasn't a cross-post either.  You
*did* make one cross-post, with no subject line, on Wed 10/14; it
appeared here one minute later, and on Brad's list two days later.
(I can send you the headers for each of these if you want to verify
the timing for yourself.  It's provable.  Can you tell that I'm an 
engineer?  ;-)

> I guess it wasn't good enough, and the censure of
>this list caught it and throw it into /dev/null. 

LOL!  No, this list hasn't *got* a censor.  I confess, I do clean up
the digests by hand, ruthlessly deleting repeated full-message quotes,
unsub messages, and the cc:mail repeat that comes back from Brad's
list for each cross-post (including yours).  I just can't stand to
send out something that looks like garbage, when it only takes ten
minutes to clear out the dreck.  But I never censor content, hardly
read it in fact.  I just look for big masses of blue (quotes)...

>Btw, this is surely the
>future for this post as well. I wonder how I could spend all these
>minutes having no result at all. Well, I guess it was about time someone
>stood up against the conspiratory forces running THIS list...

Where???  Where???  Show them to me, and I'll go get 'em!  <vvbg>

Seriously, Emil, I don't wish Brad anything but good.  I wound up
running this because when I asked a small group to meet for a talk
about how the problems could be improved, someone decided to send
out my invitation to *everybody*.  Without asking me.  Ooops.  But
by the time I knew it had happened, 200 people had voted with their
feet already, and I wasn't about to let them down... even though a
second full list was not my plan in the first place.  So here we are, 
and here we stay.  And I'm having a good time, as are quite a few
others here.  Stick around; you'll like the new Web site, once the
Web Site Committee (of which I am *not* a member) is done designing
it.  And I've seen plenty of good tech help here, along with some
perfectly appropriate discussion of how to run the list...

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  (jeremy@omsys.com)  http://www.omsys.com/

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