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Re: Brad Framers is still down

Hey, hey, hey. Enough! What's all this hacking on Brad doin' for you?
I've been on this list since the first announcement in Brads list, and
up to now I guess about 90% of all the mails sent out have NOT discussed
technical topics of Frame matters. Their purpose seem to be to tell the
world how good and 'free' this list is compared to Brads list. What if
you folks out there would start to come up with interesting Frame topics
to discuss. Alright I've noticed some good questions, but most of them
have been cross-posted to Brads list and I believe the most and best
answers are still given there. So much for the statement 'since all the
best TWs are switching to Free Framers'. I know this was not the exact
quotation since I don't have that mail in front of me right now, but
that's the sence I read out of it.

About that 'mult-day outage' Dan's talking about; I've received some
mail every day this week. I too noticed a very low frequence the last
couple of days, but the're was no mult-day outage in my mail box anyway.

Talking about 'pre-screening' and such, I replied to a cross-post about
a week ago. It went out in Brads list some minutes later, but it NEVER
showed up in this... I guess it wasn't good enough, and the censure of
this list caught it and throw it into /dev/null. Btw, this is surely the
future for this post as well. I wonder how I could spend all these
minutes having no result at all. Well, I guess it was about time someone
stood up against the conspiratory forces running THIS list...

Until 'Free' Framers get really free, and the contents of the list is no
longer bull shit debate, I'll send my posts to the original Framers, and
I know I'm not alone having these thoughts.

Let the free, high quality Framers live!

/ Emil

Dan Emory wrote:
> One can assume from the mult-day outage that it is attributable to the fact
> that the "owner" has been busy with his conference, and his list server is
> so quirky it requires his constant attendance. Either that, or the "quirk"
> is that nothing is posted to the list until it is pre-screened for
> "correctness" by the "owner," and he's not available because of the conference.
> In either event, those who subscribe to Brad Framers must rely upon the
> "owner" not getting pre-occupied with other matters, never leaves town or
> gets sick, or is not bitten by a tse-tse fly, else each such absence will
> produce a repetition of the current sleeping sickness.
> Dan Emory
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