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My conference comments

I am sure that this will start at some point so it might as well be me.

General Comments:

I really enjoyed the conference.  The hotel was very nice and the food
provided at the conference was very nice.  There was plenty of room in each
of the halls and I found it one of the most pleasant conference settings I
have ever attended.

The speakers were wonderfull.  I felt that there was a nice variety of
levels of topics (i.e. novice to high level level user).  I do feel however
that there were too many of the same speakers doing more than one
presentation.  For example, Quadralay had 4 slots, 2 for eric white and two
for Krista.  Although Krista's webworks demo was in demand, i feel this an
unequal distribution.  I would much rather see varying speakers on similar
topics than a domination of any given speaker.  I would also have expected
that if one vendor spoke on a given topic all other vendors with that topic
should have spoken (demoed to a captive audience) or there should have been
planned panels.  i feel many users did not benefit from the way this was

I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of people in from out the
country.  I saw UK, Finland, Belgium, Isreal, etc.  I think this shows the
wonderful diversity of FrameUsers and the committment to the product.  ADOBE

I think vendors were only necessary for one day.  This would have forced
attendees to visit in an allotted time.

I think that the conference was very well organized.

It was great placing faces with names and furthering established e-mail
relationships. This was the best part for me!

Suggestions for next year:

Make it 2.5 days.  Many people have to catch flights out in the early

Make the sessions 1 hour with 15 minute breaks.  Lunch should be 1.5 hours.

There must be panel discussions.  this gives vendors equal time to discuss
pros and cons but more importantly gives users the opportunity to ask
questions to all at one time and see them all at a time.  For users making
decisions this is a great benefit.

Have more varied speakers. There is nothing wrong with an introductory and
advanced by one speaker but lets not have multiple speakers on similar
topics from the same company.

Enforce sticking to the rules.  If the rules are 1 hour topic discussion and
15 minutes product demo, enforce it.  Once one speaker breaks the rules
others feel compelled to do so as well (for varying reasons).  Although as
stated previously I liked the seminars, I didn't go for product demos.  That
is what the vendor area is for.

So, in general, great.  For a first year I think we couldn't have expected
much more.  With some improvements for next year, this could the conference
that everyone else should model after.

Just my thoughts,


Yes, I did croass post this one for obvious reasons!

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