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Re: Encore: draft of posting protocol

My $.02:

>It was suggested that we also make a simple template for submission...if they
>provide more information about the problem: platform, OS, frame version,

I don't think we need a template per se, but I would suggest that the
following would make it easier for us to help each other:

-- Always use a short, descriptive subject
-- Provide a one-sentence summary at the beginning of the message for
lengthy questions/problems
-- Always provide platform details at the top of the message (following the
question/problem summary)

For example,

Subject: Cross-references and conditional text

PROBLEM: Each time I import conditional show/hide settings to a book, the
cross references break.
Mac OS 8.5 / Frame 5.1.1

Then follow with the details of the problem.

>Since I wrote the job posting protocol for the other framers list it seemed
>reasonable to use it as a jumping off point to develop similar ones for
>this list.  

I think the job posting, training announcement and product announcement
protocols are all reasonable and clear.

I'll just second what everyone else has already said about quoting in
replies.  Please don't copy entire messages in your replies.  Quote

Also, I'm all for promoting that people NOT use HTML when posting.  Even
though my email client can display html-formatted messages, I just find it

As for threads which aren't necessarily Frame-specific...I guess I'm also in
that other 50% with Paul.  On-line help has nothing to do with what I do.  I
spend 80+% of my (working) time in Frame only.  That said, I don't think we
should entirely exclude other topics/threads.  BUT, they should at least be
peripherally related to Frame AND should be appropriately announced in the
subject line.  I think this is especially important for long threads that
stray from the original topic.  I frequently see threads on lists and
newsgroups that keep old subject lines long after the topic has changed.  I
don't know why people are afraid to change subjects when replying.

One more suggestion.  I'd love to see case studies.  It would be great to
see people make proactive posts giving the details of creative solutions to
problems they've run into, rather than waiting for someone else to encounter
a similar problem and ask about it.  I think this would be a great way to
share solutions, especially if the posts are followed by discussions like
"did you try this?" and "why didn't the other way work?" etc. 

I guess that's more like three or four of my cents.

Adam Korman

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