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Email Clients & Attachments

> Can we add MIME coding to that list as well? Not all email sw handles
> coding automatically.

I know that this isn't feasible in all situations, since most of us
are stuck with the mail client used by our respective companies.
Luckily, N.E.T. decided to use Netscape Communicator both
as our standard browser and as our email client, because it
handles almost any kind of mail encoding and attachments
with aplomb.  I use it on my UNIX machine at work, and on
my Mac at home.  For anyone who has this option, I can
recommend it highly.  Besides, someone has to help out
poor Netscape, who now have only a 41% market share,
trailing behind the Great Satan, Microsoft... (sorry, an errant
political statement... am I editorializing too much?)   :o)

-- Tom

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