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RE: 5.5.6 Beta Claims (Dan Emory)

I don't understand. Why would Adobe create a *private" release for a
client(s) and not release it to the user community?

This seems outrageous, if it happens or has happened in the past. I know
from my experience that maintaining private releases (called multiple
releases) is time consuming and quite costly.

Dennis Hays
Manager, Documentation Services
Novalis Corporation
One Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203
Telephone: 518/862-3465
Facsimile: 518/862-3480

Dan's Quote:
Clearly, if 5.5.6 is just weeks away, fixes for the bugs Trish describes
below won't be in it. The likely outcome will be that Adobe only fixes
bugs in a private release that goes only to that client, and the rest of us
go begging.

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