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RE: General Questions


I have been a member of this for a very long time.  I have established very
pleasant relationships with many people all around the world in both giving
and receiving help.  As I have received more tha 100 e-mails regarding this
thread and the questions I posed in the general questions e-mail, I felt it
was important to post these questions. Frankly, I am tired of all the
speculation and rumor.  I asked Brad for answers which he posted.

Whether you believe the answers or not is your business. As a manager and
mother, I feel it is better to lay your cards on the table and then move on
which I did and Brad responded.  That is it. It is done.  It is your choice
whether to subscribe to this list, the other, or both.  I am sure they will
both have their merits.

Let's move on.

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> At 10:32 01/10/98 -0400, Debbi Leopold wrote:
> >here are some questions that have been asked by many a framer.  I would
> >respectfully request that they be answered to this forum.
> Debbi
> Groups work themselves up into a lather, just as individuals do. It's time
> to cool down and get things in perspective.
> There's bags of raw material here for the next academic subgroup
> in process
> of formation: sociologists and social psychologists of Internet discussion
> groups. IMHO, last month the level of expressed irritation rose because we
> had all returned to work after the summer vacation. This month the stress
> of a month's work is showing.
> If I have the argot right, the cool teenagers would advise us to
> chill out.
> These groups are self-regulating under direction from the list manager;
> sometimes the squeaky self-regulator wheels don't get the grease -- they
> get removed. That's life.
> All the best
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