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RE: List Protocols - first cut

>I too would not want to be *rules" happy. ...

I agree with your precautions and constructive criticisms; hence the
reason why I followed my ideas with question marks. ;-)

>I'm not saying that we should be without any rules, but I firmly
believe we
>must be diligent and create the rules around those posts that are
>hostile, get so far off topic that any relationship between the post
>the intent of Free Framers is beyond recognition, or that the intent of
>posting is to use this forum as an advertising medium (be careful
>here----IMO, the introduction of a new product/service should be
welcome as
>we can add that post to our own tools, but to use this forum as a
medium to
>sell an existing product denigrates the usefulness of the list).

In my own awkward way, I was attempting to move the forum in that
direction. I definitely want to avoid spam. On the other hand, there is
always that handy delete key to deal with unwelcomed solicitations or
hostilities (as in the infamous Simon Friend, who 

Unfortunately, as you indirectly point out, there can be a fine line
between a rule and tyrany.


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