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RE: List Protocols - first cut

I too would not want to be *rules" happy.

Let's consider the element of a Frame users community where, from time to
time, there is going to be griping about the product. And there is also
going to be ideas that may, or may not, be considered market research. If
we exist as a community, albeit a Free-Framers community, then we must
consider that this is part of our expression- -that the free interchange of
discourse may take any direction.

I'm not saying that we should be without any rules, but I firmly believe we
must be diligent and create the rules around those posts that are openly
hostile, get so far off topic that any relationship between the post and
the intent of Free Framers is beyond recognition, or that the intent of any
posting is to use this forum as an advertising medium (be careful
here----IMO, the introduction of a new product/service should be welcome as
we can add that post to our own tools, but to use this forum as a medium to
sell an existing product denigrates the usefulness of the list).

...my 2 small units of currency...


Robin Clark <rmclark@danielind.com> on 10/01/98 10:52:24 AM

To:   Free Framers <framers@omsys.com>
cc:    (bcc: Dennis Hays/ALBANY/NOVALIS)
Subject:  RE: List Protocols - first cut

Upon first read, looks good. I need to let everything perculate before
responding in a more detailed way.

A couple additional ideas:

*    Would we want to allow/consider queries WRT developing a new
product for FM? I am recalling posts to the "Brad List" where a
Framer-Developer would suggest creating a 3rd party tool and thus elicit
the group's opinion as to its feasibility. Yes, it is essentially market
research. Do we want to deal with that?

*    Likewise, do we want guidelines for posts that discuss potential
feature enhancements or gripes in general? Something reasonably
inclusive, like "discussions of potential feature enhancements and
general gripes should maintain a constructive purpose beyond the
poster's initial frustration"? Reason being: posters can, er,
commiserate off-line but constructive brain-storming should be fostered.

I must admit I am leary of becoming too Rules-Happy, but I thought the
above inicidents might be good to consider.


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