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RE: List Protocols - first cut

Upon first read, looks good. I need to let everything perculate before
responding in a more detailed way.

A couple additional ideas:

*	Would we want to allow/consider queries WRT developing a new
product for FM? I am recalling posts to the "Brad List" where a
Framer-Developer would suggest creating a 3rd party tool and thus elicit
the group's opinion as to its feasibility. Yes, it is essentially market
research. Do we want to deal with that?

*	Likewise, do we want guidelines for posts that discuss potential
feature enhancements or gripes in general? Something reasonably
inclusive, like "discussions of potential feature enhancements and
general gripes should maintain a constructive purpose beyond the
poster's initial frustration"? Reason being: posters can, er,
commiserate off-line but constructive brain-storming should be fostered.

I must admit I am leary of becoming too Rules-Happy, but I thought the
above inicidents might be good to consider.


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