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Re: Text disappearing in PDF


You wrote:

I am generating PDFs for some books and sometimes some texts

The disappeared texts are not special, have no special character or
paragraph format, no condition, no color applied and disappear in a
random manner: a line here, another line there, a range of line
somewhere, etc. ...The settings: Windows XP ...
What I will test now is to reduce the dpi setting from 2400 to 1200.

That's a step in the right direction... reducing the the driver's resolution even further, to 600 dpi, is recommended
(Graphic > Print Quality, under Advanced, when accessing the Distiller printer driver from within FrameMaker).

Quote below is from a message by Dov Isaacs (Dec. 7):

"2) There is a known problem with FrameMaker under Windows only in which text may disappear from the output page (i.e., selective text dropout) when printing to PostScript devices, including Acrobat Distiller. Unfortunately, the problem is NOT reproducible from system to system or document to document either user sites or within Adobe itself. What we do know is that the larger the logical page size in combination with higher resolution settings aggravates the problems (i.e., makes it more likely that you will actually see the symptom). It is for this reason that we most strongly recommend that you NEVER use a Windows PostScript printer driver setting higher than 600 dpi with FrameMaker. If necessary to print to a higher resolution device, create PDF first (with the Adobe Distiller / Adobe PDF PostScript printer driver instance set to no more than 600 dpi) and then do the final print from Acrobat / Adobe Reader to the actual print device. In the rare instances where there is still selective text dropout, set the driver resolution to 300 dpi. We know of no situations in which the selective text dropout persists at the 300 dpi setting. What are the ramifications of the lower resolution settings? The resolution of image data is not downsampled or degraded by this resolution setting. Nor is any damage done to vector graphics or the quality of text. What it does control for FrameMaker is the granularity of spacing, especially of text. Setting 600 dpi permits "only" 600 starting positions per inch and interword spacing in 1/600 inch increments. Images and vector graphics positioning is likewise limited to such increments. At 300 dpi, the value falls to 300 starting positions and 1/300 inch increments. Anything under 300 dpi is absolutely not recommended and could yield some rather gnarly text spacing. Again, we recommend you start at 600 dpi and stay with that if you have no problems. (Note also that 600 dpi gets around another Windows GDI bug in which text formatted in larger point sizes is converted to unhinted outlines. 600 dpi allow for text in pointsizes up to approximately 100 points to remain as text for printing purposes.) "

Shlomo Perets

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