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Re: Text disappearing in PDF


Good advice.
I  didn't saw the Dov message you mentioned, but in some older message
I read about the problem of the conjunction of paper size and

So, I am changing my setting to 600 dpi.



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Subject: Re: Text disappearing in PDF

> Furia,
> You wrote:
> >I am generating PDFs for some books and sometimes some texts
> >disappear.
> >
> >The disappeared texts are not special, have no special character or
> >paragraph format, no condition, no color applied and disappear in a
> >random manner: a line here, another line there, a range of line
> >somewhere, etc. ...The settings: Windows XP ...
> >What I will test now is to reduce the dpi setting from 2400 to
> That's a step in the right direction... reducing the the driver's
> resolution even further, to 600 dpi, is recommended
> (Graphic > Print Quality, under Advanced, when accessing the
> printer driver from within FrameMaker).
> Quote below is from a message by Dov Isaacs (Dec. 7):
> "2) There is a known problem with FrameMaker under Windows only in
> text may disappear from the output page (i.e., selective text
dropout) when
> printing to PostScript devices, including Acrobat Distiller.
> the problem is NOT reproducible from system to system or document to
> document either user sites or within Adobe itself. What we do know
is that
> the larger the logical page size in combination with higher
> settings aggravates the problems (i.e., makes it more likely that
you will
> actually see the symptom). It is for this reason that we most
> recommend that you NEVER use a Windows PostScript printer driver
> higher than 600 dpi with FrameMaker. If necessary to print to a
> resolution device, create PDF first (with the Adobe Distiller /
Adobe PDF
> PostScript printer driver instance set to no more than 600 dpi) and
then do
> the final print from Acrobat / Adobe Reader to the actual print
device. In
> the rare instances where there is still selective text dropout, set
> driver resolution to 300 dpi. We know of no situations in which the
> selective text dropout persists at the 300 dpi setting. What are the
> ramifications of the lower resolution settings? The resolution of
> data is not downsampled or degraded by this resolution setting. Nor
is any
> damage done to vector graphics or the quality of text. What it does
> for FrameMaker is the granularity of spacing, especially of text.
> 600 dpi permits "only" 600 starting positions per inch and interword
> spacing in 1/600 inch increments. Images and vector graphics
positioning is
> likewise limited to such increments. At 300 dpi, the value falls to
> starting positions and 1/300 inch increments. Anything under 300 dpi
> absolutely not recommended and could yield some rather gnarly text
> Again, we recommend you start at 600 dpi and stay with that if you
have no
> problems. (Note also that 600 dpi gets around another Windows GDI
bug in
> which text formatted in larger point sizes is converted to unhinted
> outlines. 600 dpi allow for text in pointsizes up to approximately
> points to remain as text for printing purposes.) "
> Shlomo Perets
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