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Text disappearing in PDF

Hi Shlomo, Dov et aliii

I am generating PDFs for some books and sometimes some texts

The disappeared texts are not special, have no special character or
paragraph format, no condition, no color applied and disappear in a
random manner: a line here, another line there, a range of line
somewhere, etc.

Also it's inconstant. As soon a PS file distilled shows the problem, I
produce another PS, with the same settings and the distilled PS
appears correct. Compared, these two PS files had a lot of

The settings:
Windows XP, FrameMaker 7, Printer - Adobe PDF, Paper Size - A4,
Quality - Prinergy Pages (almost the same as Press Quality).
Distiller 6 with the same Prinergy settings.

The problem also appears with the Press Quality settings and with a
small paper size (120 x 150mm).
I saw the same problem with the Save As PDF (with the same settings).
What I will test now is to reduce the dpi setting from 2400 to 1200.

Another little annoying problem with PDFs is that when I delete a
page, some lines of text lost the width of the characters and appears
one over another, a mess. Saving the file resolve, but ...



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