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SOLVED: Hypertext links in Swedish FM index fail: "Cannot find object specified in hypertext command."

(cross-posted to Adobe FrameMaker U-to-U forum,

Hi, everyone who replied to my problem:

Arnis Gubins suggested the solution on the U-to-U forum:

I wonder if this a variation on the old 5.5.6 bug that caused FM to
crash when printing from a generated file instead of the book file?
You could also try changing the default hyperlink type on the Index
Reference page from:

openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>


gotopage <$relfilename>:<$pagenum>

Changing the system language to Swedish didn't fix it.

Converting to FM 7.1 also DID NOT fix the problem. Although it seemed to fix it at first, modifying the IX reference page to provide compound chapter-page numbers brought it back! So, it seems the bug is still with us in some non-English languages.

> When generating an index from the book, some links work, and
> others give
> the message "Cannot find object specified in hypertext
> command." Dismissing
> the message opens the specified file on the first page.



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