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Hypertext links in Swedish FM index fail: "Cannot find object specified in hypertext command."

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I've not run into this problem before, and I haven't found anything to the point in searching the knowledgebase and Google.

In FM+SGML 5.5.6p145 on Windows 2000, used in unstructured mode, and also a similar FM 5.5.6 release (non-SGML), this problem occurs in Swedish and some other languages, but not in English:

When generating an index from the book, some links work, and others give the message "Cannot find object specified in hypertext command." Dismissing the message opens the specified file on the first page.

I've saved the source chapter's file, index file, and book file as MIF, and replaced the original .fm files with the MIF version, but no change. I've also replaced marker text, replaced the marker, and even created a new marker with new text - all fail with the same message.

There are a couple of unused index levels on the IX reference page, but removing them makes no difference.

Index links to some, but not all, of the book chapters work. It's not clear if the problem affects all links in a single file, or just some of them (that is, we haven't checked every index link that point to a given file.)

However, generating a new index from a single chapter file does create working links (Ctrl+Alt+click).

Thanks for any suggestions or solutions.


Peter Gold
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