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Follow up to SOLVED: Hypertext links in Swedish FM index fail: "Cannot find object specified in hypertext command."

(cross-posted to Adobe FrameMaker U-to-U forum, Framers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Framers@xxxxxxxxx)

Following up with the REAL solution to this problem:

The reason that Arnis Gubins' solution (on the FrameMaker U-to-U forum) of changing the hypertext command was successful is that it replaced a faulty ActiveiX paragraph in the reference page.

I completely missed seeing the bad line, but my sharp-eyed customer nailed it when comparing the command in a language file that did work, with the line in those files that failed.

The IndexIX paragraph had been accidently run into the hypertext command paragraph (ActiveIX), which appended the <$pagenum> building block to the hypertext command, making it:

] openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId><$pagenum>

Thanks to all who replied.


Peter Gold
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