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RE: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!


Boker Tov!

I think the question is the other way around - is
FrameMaker 6 compatible with Acrobat 7? The answer is
that we know of no incompatibilities of versions of
FrameMaker earlier than 7.0 (including FrameMaker 6
and 5.5.6) with Acrobat 7 subject to the following

(1) "Save as PDF" never really worked correctly prior
to FrameMaker 7.0. As such, creation of PDF with Acrobat 7
from FrameMaker 6 and earlier should be via printing directly
to the "Adobe PDF" PostScript printer driver instance OR
by printing to file using that same printer driver instance
with distillation manually or via watched folders.

(2) When placing PDF into FrameMaker 6 documents, you are
limited to PDF 1.3.

In terms of your other question, I think you quite well
understand that Adobe does not comment on speculation about
the possibility and/or status of new products or new versions
of products. Sorry!

        - Dov

At 12/2/2004 12:09 AM, David Schor wrote:
>Hi Dov,
>Is Acrobat 7 compatible with FM 6? I did not upgrade to FM 7 and Acrobat 6 because I didn't see where it would make a meaningful difference in my work production here. I have always been waiting for Adobe to come out with an FM 8 (OK Framers, I hear those collective snickers and LOLs) before hitting my superiors for a major software tools investment.
>Is there going to be an FM 8 within the next 6 months or so? Upgrading to FM 7.1 for the sole purpose of Acrobat 7 and Reader compatibility is not an attractive proposition and I don't want to spend money twice, especially since we still have to take cash flow into account here. 
>David Schor
>Technical Publications Manager
>VCON Ltd.
>Tel: (+972) 9 9590006
>Mobile: 054 4788253
>davids@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:davids@xxxxxxxxxx>

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