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Re: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!

> Is Acrobat 7 compatible with FM 6? I did not upgrade to FM 7 and Acrobat 6 because I didn't see where it would make a meaningful difference in my work production here. I have always been waiting for Adobe to come out with an FM 8 (OK Framers, I hear those collective snickers and LOLs) before hitting my superiors for a major software tools investment.

I doubt Acrobat 7 would be compatible with FM6 (at least fully) seeing
as it's 2-year-old technology and FM7 made leaps and bounds to
incorporate Acrobat better in a publishing workflow.

> Is there going to be an FM 8 within the next 6 months or so? Upgrading to FM 7.1 for the sole purpose of Acrobat 7 and Reader compatibility is not an attractive proposition and I don't want to spend money twice, especially since we still have to take cash flow into account here.

Don't expect to hear any news about a new version of FM until about a
month before it's available for purchase.

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