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RE: Acrobat 6.0 web compatibility issue

Have you installed the Acrobat 6.0.1 update yet?

        - Dov

At 2/6/2004 10:31 AM, Ridder, Fred wrote:
>Oops, should have mentioned that. When we updated to Acrobat 6.0
>we finally moved up a notch in reader compatibility--from PDF 1.2 
>(Acrobat 3.0) to PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4.0). The very first thing I checked
>when the problem was first reported to me was what PDF version 
>was reported in the Document Info for the bad file, and it was indeed
>1.3.  If you'd like to see for yourself, I can provide the URL of the 
>original file because the owner of that particular website has not yet
>replaced the bad PDF with the non-optimized file we generated last
>My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
>Fred Ridder

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