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RE: Opinions on images

Ed Treijs further explains his process: 
> 1)  I don't have figure captions in the docs (numbered or otherwise).

Fine by me. I thought your file names corresponded to figure numbers.
That's how some docs here were once done, and it was a bad idea for the
reasons you gave. I didn't raise that as an issue to avoid being even
more wordy. ;-)

> When I'm checking if I need to change some screen captures, 
> I'll have my doc
> open, as well as the application I'm documenting.  So the 
> extra steps I need
> to do, after performing the capture and saving the file, are: 
> deleting the
> frame that holds the old image; doing File > Import > File; 
> setting the DPI.

Well, if you're looking at the doc, here's how you'd do it for
referenced graphics: 

1) If the screen shot needs updating, right-click it, click Object
Properties, and note the referenced file name. 

2) Perform your screen capture and save it with that name. 

3) There is no step three. You're done. 

Happy weekend! :-) 


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Senior Technical Writer
Voyant, a division of Polycom, Inc.
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