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RE: Font with Slashed Zero - Clarification

Permit me to clarify.

I know how to make it LOOK like the zero is slashed, but that is not acceptable for this application. I need a font with a true zero glyph (ASCII hex value 30) that has the slash, and preferably one that is a much like Times New Roman as possible.

The need specifically is that the resulting PDF file must be searchable for strings that contain this 'slash-zero', such as 'LJØ45'. The end user would simply enter 'LJ045' (that's a standard zero) in the FIND dialog. The problem with the overlaid slash on a zero is that the search will fail, because the string embedded in the PDF would actually be 'LJ0/45' (or LJ/045.)

I am searching through font libraries myself for this, but if anyone knows of a typeface that meets this requirement I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.

If the answer instead is that I have to redesign the character in a font manipulation program (like Fontographer) so be it, but I need to know how to proceed. 

And thank you to those who did send me the info from the earlier discussion.

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I know this topic was discussed recently, but did not keep the messages, and now (naturally) have need for this info.
If someone would be so kind as to send/forward the thread, or at least, the summary to me directly I would appreciate it.  There is no need to clutter the list with this.

-- Lester
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