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RE: "Break" table rows?

FrameMaker will NOT break a single row. Period.

You can manually split the content into multiple rows, and with the
clever use of custom ruling lines for the cell borders you can make it
look like it has done what you wish.

The caveat is that if you have true header/footer rows, these will
appear to interrupt your content.  In that case, you are out of luck
unless you can re-sequence the rows to get a better fit per page.

-- Lester
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Subject: "Break" table rows?

Is there any way to "break" table rows so that they flow over a soft
page break (similar to the way Word allows you to specify whether or not
the row can break across pages?)?  I've seen the Frame documentation on
orphan rows and keeping one row with the next, but it isn't quite what
I'm looking for.

I have some tables that have very wide rows (i.e., the cells have a lot
of text) and they won't break across pages.  This is causing large
amounts of white space on some of my pages.

If I have to re-work the tables so they break correctly that's fine, but
I thought I'd find out whether row breaking is possible first.

- Mary
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