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RE: Welcome to FM 7.1...

> Just received my nice new Frame 7.1 upgrade package.
> Shipped direct from Adobe in ... Georgia??  Ground?
> OK, guess the extra $3 for air wasn't worth paying.
> (There was no option for air on the order.)  <sigh>

Anyone know if any fixes for 7.0 problems are included in 7.1?  The Adobe
bumpf does not mention fixes, and the MicroType resource page is blank for
FrameMaker 7.1.

We have experienced considerable crashing in FrameMaker 7.0p578, especially
when producing PDFs.  We are getting "7004 6055410 7658003 0" which sounds
similar to the first item in "Fixed in version 7.0p578" on the resource
page.  Well, not quite fixed, or we are experiencing some kind of variation.

In general, seeing software being produced is kind of like being in the
sausage factory.  I generally trust N.1 versions more than N.0.

Ed (the third patch of 7.2 should be excellent!) Treijs

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