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Welcome to FM 7.1...

Just received my nice new Frame 7.1 upgrade package.
Shipped direct from Adobe in ... Georgia??  Ground?
OK, guess the extra $3 for air wasn't worth paying.
(There was no option for air on the order.)  <sigh>

Opened the box.  The printed manuals all say 7.0.
("All" three being the User Guide, Quick Reference
card, and WWP Standard "Woopsie" Getting Started.)
At least the CD says 7.1...

Loaded the CD, P/N 90049800 12/03 Windows, into a
machine with Win2K Pro + all SPs, Athlon 2K, 1GB, 
90GB.  Got Welcome splash screen.  Pushed Next.
Got menu splash screen with FrameMaker 7.1 button.
Pushed.  Got Setup dialog:
  FrameMaker Setup is preparing the InstallShield(R)
  Wizard which will guide you through the rest of the
  setup process.  Please wait.
The progress bar goes to 99% real fast.  Three
minutes later, the dialog disappears.  TaskMan says
that process _INS5576._MP has 2,516K of memory and
no CPU time.  Also running is _ISDel.exe.  And there
seems to be some CD activity.

Menu splash screen still up and active.  Another button
says User Guide Supplement.  Push, here's the new doc,
all 21 pages of it, in Acro Reader.

Just 15 minutes after starting, the Adobe FrameMaker
Setup dialog comes up full screen.  On a very fast
machine...  Actually, the first two times I ran this,
I gave up after 10 minutes and removed the CD.  The
third time, I just started reading the docs... which,
for installation help, referred me to a doc (the
"Install ReadMe") on the CD that seemed not to exist;
turns out it was really called install.wri.  But it
didn't warn me about the remarkable delay either.

Started Frame, opted for on-line registration.  In the
form, under "Version", the first selection is "jarmenia",
which is repeated as the second selection, then 7.0,
6.0, 5.5, and Other.  Say what?  I picked Other.  The
Thank You screen confirms Version 7.1...

Mainly I want to let people know about the unusually
long delay, when no dialog (except the splash menu)
is on the screen, and it looks like the installer has
crashed... hang in there, and your patience will be
rewarded.  ;-)

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  (jeremy@xxxxxxxxx)  http://www.omsys.com/

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