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Re: Need clear screenshots

You hit it on the head. It is a "raster CONVERSION" which means that
entire page, not the image on it, is output to whatever format you
specify, let's say TIFF. Depending upon how the image was pasted into
the page, you may get some resampling or other artifacts.

Again, this is just not the way to go.

Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) is for images; Illustrator for
primarily vector manipulation. If all you want is Snag-It (or the
Mac equivalent), that will also "do the job."

        - Dov

At 1/7/2004 11:38 AM, Bart Windrum wrote:
>But wait a minute. Altho I rarely use Illustrator these days, I certainly
>have noticed it's got a raster conversion engine in it (File>Save For
>Web...) which looks like it was lifted right outa Photoshop. Not taking
>sides but wanting to understand whether or not these implementations are
>identical or different, and if different, how...
>> Steve Rickaby wrote:
>>>> Secondly, Illustrator is not really an image-handling program.
>>> Seems to work fine, though.
>>>> Third, better solution is:
>>>> Capture=>Photoshop=>TIFF
>>>> where "Photoshop" could be Photoshop Elements!
>>> Hmmm.... are you actually telling me I should be using Photoshop
>>> rather than Illustrator? If so, why?
>> Because screen shots are bitmap (raster) images, and Photoshop is a
>> raster graphics application. Illustrator is a vector graphics
>> application. 
>> Richard

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