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Re: Need clear screenshots

At 1/7/2004 10:44 AM, Bart Windrum wrote:
>To add a little Mac OS X side info into the mix:
>Ambrosia Sofware makes SnapzPro, long the capture utility of choice on the
>Mac. Under OS X Snapz offers what Ambrosia calls Clear Scale, with greatly
>sharpened results when scaling a snap either up or down. See examples at:
>Ambrosia and TechSmith are in cahoots with complimentary technologies for
>video capture/compression, and it's my great hope that soon Snapz will allow
>users to save snap parameters like we can using SnagIt (I've made the
>suggestion previously ... which I hope doesn't get lost in the rush to add
>and enhance the video capture side of the product).
>Since I've only just switched to X and haven't yet installed Virtual PC to
>run our java software under it I have not yet had the opportunity to play
>with Mac-side captures of PC apps and Snapz' Clear Scale technology.
>Bart Windrum

Actually, what REALLY would be best would be if the operating systems
themselves cached the drawing instructions for each Window, including
the original text strings with font instructions and vector drawing
primitives, that could be retrieved by the PrintScrn or Alt-PrintScrn
commands directly and pasted into Illustrator or any other application
that "understood" hybrid text/vector/bitmap artwork. Such screen shots
would be much more readily scaled without loss of quality or fuzziness!

But I dream ...

        - Dov

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