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RE: Need clear screenshots

At 1/7/2004 08:57 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
>At 8:45 am -0800 7/1/04, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>>No, They are already crudded up! It is the process of compressing
>>them initially into JPEG that cruds them up. Putting them NOW into
>>TIFF won't help.
>As this issue, which is topical for me, has come up, how's this for a workflow?
>Capture -> Paint -> BMP -> Illustrator -> high quality TIFF
>Any problems with that for screenshots?

Seems like way too many steps!

First of all, you could use the BMP file as-is in FrameMaker,
although the file itself is not compressed.

Secondly, Illustrator is not really an image-handling program.

Third, better solution is:


where "Photoshop" could be Photoshop Elements!

        - Dov

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