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RE: Need clear screenshots

No, They are already crudded up! It is the process of compressing
them initially into JPEG that cruds them up. Putting them NOW into
TIFF won't help.

Note that this does not apply to photographic images that usually
can survive maximum quality JPEG compression with ONE cycle. Don't
open, edit, save as JPEG and then repeat such cycles for such images.
Each such cycle adds degradation!

        - Dov

At 1/7/2004 08:08 AM, Corinne Kenney wrote:
>I have the vast majority of my screen captures in JPEG. Will the JPEG
>problems and limitations be overcome if I go into the graphics directory and
>grab them all and do a batch conversion to .tiff?
>Thanks for you reply - and your constant help on this list.
>Corinne Kenney
>Golden CO
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>At 12/30/2003 11:57 AM, drew wrote:
>>Please help.  I have been working with Framemaker 7.0 in an unstructured
>document.  I have added screen shots captured by my client using SnagIt
>which are jpgs.  When I import the pictures at 150 dpi then resize them
>manually, they are blurry both in the Frame file and are even worse when I
>create a pdf of the file using the option for print  in Acrobat.
>>Any suggestions?
>>thanks in advance
>Yes, JPEG is about the WORST format you can use for screen captures.
>It is a lossy format and shows artifacts in that type of image.
>TIFF is much better.
>        - Dov
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