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Re: FrameUsers archives


My "archive" is in the form of individual email messages as received. It 
currently lives in three different "mailboxes" (due to size/performance 
issues).  It consists of messages to both of the main listserves, which 
means that it includes a lot of duplication.  I imagine that somebody has 
written a program to 'unique' the messages and turn them into some sort of 
more usable archive; I've never looked around for such.


Andrew Avis said the following on 11/13/2003 03:24 PM:
>>Of the 65,000 messages in my personal Framers groups archive, 
>>only about 25 
>>have "MML" in the subject -- either nobody uses it or it always works.
> I would love to get ahold of a "real" archive for FrameUsers, as the archive
> search provided by lyris is nearly useless.  What format is your archive in?
> Would you make it publicly available?
> Drew Avis - Technical Writer
> QNX Software Systems Ltd.
> Ottawa, Ontario

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