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FrameMaker on Windows and making CMYK PDF/PS

This is one of the "known bugs" in FrameMaker for Windows, and yes I know it
is because of the Windows GDI internal use of the RGB color space.

But what strikes me, is that I must do something completely wrong, or else
Adobe has released a product that delivers completely useless material when
it comes to printing.

I have tried one of the work around, by letting all elements be linked
EPS/PDF files, even the colored finger marks, but this still leaves me with
an odd PDF.

Either all my fonts is RGB or, when I distill it using the AdobeCMYK ICC,
the fonts is in CMYK, but on all four plates.

Adobes suggestion is to make the PDF on a Mac OS or a Unix, but seriously
they must be joking.
I can not be true that you can't produce a correct file to send to the
printing house.

What is the _proper_ way to produce a correct PS/PDF file, with no RGB, and
where the black and grey (original 40% black) text is only on one plate.


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