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Re: FM Feature Request: Global Update Options > All Tagged + wildcard

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From: "Yves Barbion" <yb@atek.be>
> as you may know, you can use Global Update Options in the Paragraph Designer
> to apply a property of a paragraph tag to:
> - all paragraphs and catalog entries
> - all matching tags in selection
> - all tagged: <$paratag>
> Does anyone know of a way to apply a specific property to a user-definable
> set of paratags? For example, I want all of my titles to be followed by the
> paratag <text>. The only option I seem to have now is to specify this for
> each title paragraph tag individually. My titles have paragraph tags like
> <t1>, <t2>, <t3> etc. It would be nice if I could say:
> Global Update Options > All Tagged > <t*>

Do like this:
Somewhere in your document, insert one instance of all the paragraph
tags you wish to update. They don't need to have any contents, just
make sure to not include any other paragraph formats and to not use
any overrides.

Select all of the paragraphs and open the Paragraph Designer.
The Paragraph Tag field should be empty as you have selected a
range of different paragraphs.
Set the Next Pgf Tag and click Update All. Use the option
All Matching Tags in Selection.

Should work OK.

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
http://go.to/framers/  (updated on Oct. 29)

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