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Re: Problems continuing table numbering in book

Stuart wrote:
> Is every text frame properly connected to the same Flow as your main
> text frame? I think a disconnected frame can cause a numbering problem
> as you are seeing. (Select the frame, choose Graphics > Properties and
> look for the Flow Tag and Autoconnect in the lower right of the dialog box.)

No, the tables placed in the text frame within an anchored frame are
not connected.  Let's call these "nested" text frames.  In fact, I
don't want them to be connected because I don't want text in the body
of the report to flow into those text frames.  They are meant only for
table captions.  It's hard to connect these frames up because they are
on different pages, sometimes far apart, and not all tables are in
nested text frames.

Theun wrote:
> In my experience with FM 5.5.6 (never did it again) numbering in
> seperate text frames depends on the order of placing them.
> And it has numerous side effects, for instance when translating. So I
> would strongly advice against it.
> Why do you place tables in anchored frames?

It allows me infinite freedom in how to arrange each table independently.
Sometimes, they are placed right within the main flow.  Sometimes, I put
them into a nested text frame (within an anchored frame) to get the
run-into paragraph effect.  Sometimes, I want to place the caption as
a separate nested text frame within the same anchored frame e.g. so
that the caption can be beside the table rather than above or below

> But your problem can also be the result of a T:TABLE <n=1> somewhere in
> file 2.
> Hidden in a anchoring tag?
> Somewhere as a override?
> Somewhere in a table itself?
> Missing the word "TABLE", thus stating only T:<n=1>?
> Even more difficult to find: T:< =0> or T:< =1> (with the spaces!), so
> the numbering does not show (but still resets...)
> Are all tables in file 2 numbered correctly? If this is the case, you
> only have to search after the last table in file 2... limits the search

I did a document search of all paragraphs tagged "TableTitle" (which
is the tag I use).  The autonumbering settings are the same

I think I got myself into a snafu by mixing the placement of tables
between the main text flow and nested text frames.  I will dispense
with this practice of using nested text frames.  I got the idea
because it seems to work fairly well for figure captions.  The only
difference is that for figure captions, I *always* use nested text

Thanks for your suggestions.  I'm going to dig my document out of this
problem.  It will probably take many more pages, but heck, things
could be worse.  I could be using some other mass public word
processing package.


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Fred Ma
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