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Re: Table numbering

Ron wrote:
> Fred,
> I've seen the problem of numbering confusion when some
> tables or figures are inside anchored frames and others
> are not. Seems like it should work fine, but it doesn't.
> Seems like a bug to me. The only sure solution is to do
> what you're doing, to put all in anchored frames or none
> there.
> Ron

Hi, Ron,

Thanks for the confirmation, I'm finding that strategy works
good.  In fact, the tables don't have to be in anchored
frames, so long as the TableTitle paragraphs are.  That's
the only thing that matters as far as table numbering is

The behaviour actually makes sense, in a weird wort of way.
How else can FM figure out the order in which to number the
tables?  Well, I guess in some future rendition of FM, it
can take all paragraphs that are numbered by the same series
label and number them in the order that they appear in the
document pages.  Perhaps an option can be given so that FM
can alternatively scan outward from the paragraph to see
if it resides within text frame that is inside of an
anchored frame.  Then, the numbering can be based on the
order of occurence of the anchored frame.  If tables in the
main text flow are interspersed with tables in anchored
frames, their occurance in the main text flow still makes a
reasonable order in which to number them.  In the event of
ambiguity, such as multiple text frames inside an anchored
frame, tables within that anchored frame can be ordered
according the which TableTitle paragraphs are referenced

There are many ways that ordering problem can be resolved.
Maybe that's the problem; too many possibilities, too easy
to conjecture a "reasonable" algorithm for one's own
situation, but which would be sure to leave others


P.S.  Sent to:
Fred Ma
Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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