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Re: Displaying text from a marker: <$marker1>, <$marker2>... <$marker3> etc. ?

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From: "Yves Barbion" <yb@atek.be>
> I know that FrameMaker 7 has 12 Running H/F VARIABLES, but it only has
> 2 <$marker> BUILDING BLOCKS: <$marker1 and $marker2>. The purpose of
> these markers is to "mark" text on the body pages which you want to
> include in the running H/F. They are typically used when you have very
> long titles and you only want to include PART of them in the running H/F.
> Therefore, the building block <$paratext[Chapter Title]>, e.g., is not
> an option because it includes the COMPLETE text of the Chapter Title.

Apart from the solutions that Peter Gold gave (below), there is yet
another twist you might consider:
* If you're not using autonumbering *at all* for those long titles,
  you may use the autonumbering for the short title. If you select to
  use a character tag for the autonumbering that makes it very small
  and invisible, and perhaps position it at "End of Paragraph", you
  may use <$paranum[Chapter Title]> to put in your running H/F.

The advantage over variables is that variables cannot change value
within a file, whereas autonumbering is part of each paragraph.
It's also easier to access the Paragraph Designer than the Variable
dialog for changing the short title.

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
http://go.to/framers/  (updated on Oct. 29)

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From: "Peter Gold" <peter@knowhowpro.com>
> Perhaps one of these could work for you:
> * Create a new paragraph format, "ChapterTitleShort," that you insert after
> long ChapterTitle paragraphs. Set text color to white. In your Running H/F
> variables, use <$paratext[ChapterTitleShort>.
> * Create variables, "Chapter1TitleShort," etc, one for each chapter, and
> insert the appropriate one in the header/footer. All chapters should have
> all variables, for ease of maintenance.
> * If you're not using <$chapnum> for chapter numbering, consider using it
> for the short title. If you are using <$chapnum> for chapter numbering,
> consider going back to the old method of using paragraph numbering for
> chapter numbers, to free <$chapnum> for this use.
> * Create a master file of variables and other book-related items. List all
> short chapter titles, tagged ChapterTitleShort, in it, and cross-reference
> to the appropriate one in each chapter.

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