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PDF tools?

There are plenty of free tools out there for creating PDFs via
Ghostscript, but I can not find any tools that allow you to mark
them up like Acrobat does.

One of the requirements of ISO 9001 is keeping all the comments
and approvals as well as the documents themselves.

The PDF format is great for this with the full Acrobat, but at
$300 a pop, a bit on the pricey side.

What I want is a tool that lets you annotate the PDF at specific
locations and capture the reviewer's name and the timestamp for
when they did it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Alternatively, what methodology would you suggest for
accomplishing this task? Client-server tools that I have looked
at all seem to have problems of complexity and security of
access issues as well as cost issues.


Allen Schaaf
Information Engineering

The world is my oyster. Now if I can only 
figure out where they hid the pearl....

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