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Re: Tool(s) for listing all tags used in a set of files?

> Is there a tool or combination of tools that will tell me 
> what para,  character, table, and xref formats 
> and what variables, conditions, and fonts 
> are actually used in a collection of FrameMaker files? 
> I use and like the CudSpan Paragraph Whopper tool, 
> but it isn't thorough or efficient for this task. 
> What else is there?

I have a set of scripts that will report exactly what you
ask for, except font usage. However, there are two problems:
* The scripts are for UNIX only
* The scripts haven't been thoroughly tested for FM6/7

If you have access to a UNIX box, take a look at the
"mifscripts" on my web page.

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
http://go.to/framers/  (updated on Oct. 28)

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