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Weird FM 7.0 problem with inconsistent color setting


I am getting a weird problem with colour inconsistencies in FrameMaker
7.0p578 on Windows NT.

We have a generic frontmatter chapter that is the first one in the book, and
contains copyright information in addition to the book-specific title page.

In FrameMaker, I opened the latest-update generic frontmatter and Saved As
over the top of my specific book frontmatter.  In the process, of course, I
had to confirm that I wanted to replace the existing book frontmatter.

What is the problem?

I now get "Inconsistent color settings" messages for all other files in the
book for one particular custom-defined colour (out of the standard and 7
custom-defined colours we use).

When I look in the frontmatter file, I see the following settings for the
troublesome colour:

Ink Name:  <none>
Print as:  Process
Model:  CMYK
Cyan:  1.6 %
Magenta: 1.6 %
Yellow:  0.0 %
Black:  0.4 %
Overprint: Knock Out

But when I look in any of the chapters where the error log says "Color
definition is inconsistent", the definition of that colour is exactly as

I bet if I impored colour formats from some other chapter into the
frontmatter, or from the frontmatter into all the other chapters, the
problem would go away.

However, I'd like to understand what's happening (even if it's just "a
7.0p578 bug").

I didn't find any mention of this as a bug/known issue in the Adobe support
database or on the Microtype site.

Any ideas what I should look at?  Or just ignore it???

(Bonus fun:  If you click on one of the pull-down menus in the Color
Definitions dialog (for example COLOR) and immediately switch to another app
under Windows NT, the pulldown stays right on top of any other app.  You can
click on an item at any time to make it go away.  However, switching back to
FrameMaker while the pulldown is around makes it look like it's crashed,
because the doc windows don't refresh.)

Ed (this is not the only 7.0p578 fun we're having!) Treijs

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