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Frame crashes 7.0p578

Anyone see FrameMaker 7.0 for NT/2000 crash with the following error

=== Header Begin ===
Internal Error: 7004, 6055410, 7658003, 0
FrameMaker 7.0.0 for Intel
Build: 7.0p578
Window System: MSWindows
Operating System: Windows NT 4.0 (major.minor.build: 4.0.1381 Service Pack
Generated on: Friday, October 24, 2003 2:51:53 PM
To file: c:\program files\adobe\framemaker7.0\FrameLog_03.10.24_14.51.53.txt
=== Header End ===

=== Stack Trace Begin ===
=== Stack Trace End ===

=== Open Window List Begin ===
# not implemented
=== Open Window List End ===

=== Recent Commands Begin ===
=== Recent Commands End ===

=== Recent API Calls Begin ===
# not implemented
=== Recent API Calls End ===

=== Windows Relocation Information Begin ===

A couple of people (at least) have experienced this.  The Internal Error
numbers are the same.  The other is on "Windows NT 5.0"--I know she's on
Win2000 Professional.

The stack traces, open widows, recent commands, recent API calls are as
above for both.  The win relocation information is different, but I don't
know what that means.

Again, I have checked Adobe's web site, as well as Microtype, and have not
found any matches.

All ideas and/or sympathy appreciated.

Ed (pining for the solid days of 5.5.6) Treijs

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