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Re: Round-tripping FM <--> XML while preserving condition formats and other stuff

  Tassos Anastasiou and I have such a plug-in. The catch is that if you want to round-trip all conditions, and you want the XML to be valid, you may need to change the DTD. Suppose you have elements that the EDD does not allow to be repeated. Your FM document may nevertheless have multiple copies, each with different conditions. With all conditions shown, the FM document is not valid, but with combinations of conditions shown that you will actually use to publish the document, only one repetition appears and the document is valid. To preserve all repetitions in XML, your DTD (if you are using one) will need to make the element repeatable.

At 09:05 PM 10/23/2003, hedley_finger@myob.com.au wrote:

>Has anybody developed API plug-ins to round trip FrameMaker documents to
>XML and back, preserving condition formats?  Any other applications that
>preserve FrameMaker-peculiar features in exported XML for round tripping
>would be nice, e.g. exporting system variables as non-empty elements, then
>restoring them as system variables on re-import.
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