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distilling individual files: page glitches

[This list has been tremendously helpful for me, and I'd like to say thanks
to everyone who answers. My apols also if this happens to be a known issue.]

Distilling PDF: individual files.
A new glitch has evolved recently which occurs only when I 'save as' PDF
individual files (ie not the entire .book file) from Frame 7 (unstructured).
It seems to produce a PDF which does not take into account most recently
saved changes. Or worse, it decides to throw out pagination by a couple of
lines. The files concerned are from a heavy text chapter of a book, with
substantial footnoting. The chapter itself is only 29 pages. The entire book
is 532 pages.

The problem did occur when I saved the entire '_____.book' file as a
'____.pdf' file ... BUT, for that case only, I was able to work around the
problem by deleting the PDF file, shutting down, and rebooting. However,
this workaround did not help with the case where I save individual files (ie
chapters rather than the entire book).

I've tried tweaking document>pagination and document>numbering.  Although I
usually use
the 'save as' command, I also tried 'file>printing' to distiller printer,
but there was no
improvement. I also distilled once with bookmarks and tags generated, and
once without, but there was still no improvement.

If you're thinking "why doesn't he just use the book.pdf file produced?"
... unfortunately, I need to produce the book in divisible files for
uploading onto the web (ie each chapter as a separate file, rather than one
file of the entire book).

* Windows XP Pro (SP1 and 2), Framemaker 7.0 p578, Distiller 5.0.5, Type
Manager 4.1,
Reader 5.0

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