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RE: Conditional Text in MIF Files


> We need to share our user and administrator guides with another division
> our company. Fortunately, we both use FrameMaker (FM) . However, here's
> rub. Our guides contain confidential company-specific information that we
> cannot release to the other division; it's too sensitive. Therefore,
> our co-workers the binary FM files is out of the question.

What is the problem with giving them binary files once you have removed the
company-specific content?  FrameMaker, unlike Word in Fast Save mode, does
NOT preserve deleted content in the files.  (Some of us who have lost  a
of hundred megabytes through foolish deletions down the years might wish
it did!)

> We single-source our guides, applying condition tags for each company,
> then showing/hiding applicable conditions when producing company-specific
> guides. Is it possible to "remove" the unwanted conditional text from the
> MIF file and give them the resulting MIF files instead?

Why don't you just delete the condition from a copy of the files?  First,
show all
conditions, then delete the dangerous condition. FrameMaker asks
if you want to remove just the condition, preserving the content, or the
plus the content.  Note: if the content is overlapped by another condition
the dangerous condition, the overlapped content is NOT removed.

If this is scary, you can show all conditions, then use the Find condition
to locate all content overlapped with the dangerous condition and delete
instance by hand.

Then you can convert to MIF and give the other division the MIF files --
I still do not understand why you need to save to MIF at all.


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