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Re: Conditional Text in MIF Files

From: "Spreadbury, David C." <David.Spreadbury@marconi.com>
> Then the MIF route is probably the best way to go. What you need then is an
> editor that will allow you to search/remove the specific condition on all of
> the MIF files. TextPad has such an option. You can create the macro in
> TextPad, open all of the MIF files in one TextPad session, then apply the
> macro to the active file. Save and close that file and repeat this until you
> run out of MIF files.

I just want to comment that it's a little bit more complicated than that.
You can, as Jody herself said, find and remove all Pages and TextFlows
specified as "HIDDEN". But, this will keep all hidden tables and anchored
frames intact, since they are stored in another part of the MIF files.
It's true that those objects are *probably* removed when the edited MIF
file is opened by FM, but they are still there for all to see if you
take a look at the MIF file first. Since Jody mentioned confidential
information, that's probably not a good thing...

To really remove *all* hidden objects, you need to find all references
to tables and frames in the textflows, then possible frames in tables,
tables in frames, etc. Then you can remove them. This is what I do in
my MIF scripts.

One thing that's more complicated, and that my script DOES NOT do,
is to remove hidden table rows. They are specified in a particular way
in MIF, that I haven't found a simple way to detect and delete.

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