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Re: distilling individual files: page glitches

> A new glitch has evolved recently which occurs only when I 'save as' PDF
> individual files (ie not the entire .book file) from Frame 7 (unstructured).
> It seems to produce a PDF which does not take into account most recently
> saved changes. Or worse, it decides to throw out pagination by a couple of
> lines.

A PDF formatted slightly different than the FM file can be explained,
but ignoring content changes sounds really suspicious. Can you give
examples of contents that you know are there in the FM files, but
are not in the PDF? Perhaps there's a problem with a font that's
not embedded or substituted correctly, or other Acrobat setup
problems that can lead to character drop-outs.

Contents reformatting, including changed line breaks and
page breaks, can be explained by a change in printer driver at
the PDF creation moment. Such a printer driver change is
performed automatically and silently when you use Save As PDF.
Try to use the Print dialog instead, and changing the printer
to the Distiller printer. After OK'ing the font change message,
check your document in FM for changes in line and page breaks.
If you find such changes, then that's the explanation.
A possible cure for such problems is to make sure that all the
fonts you're using in your FM documents really are installed
on the computer, not only made available via a printer driver.

I thought that Shlomo Perets had an article on his website
http://www.microtype.com concerning this issue, but I cannot
find it now...

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
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