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RE: Adding a prefix to the page number & getting it to show up in theTOC

Rebecca Downey wrote:
> My TOC now looks as follows:
> <$paratext>\t<$chapnum>-<$pagenum>

Looks good. 
> I went into each chapter and set the variable ChapterNumber 
> to the chapter's name.

Wrong. Leave it defined as <$chapnum>. 
> I then selected each book file and changed: Numbering->Chapter
> Chapter # 1 Format: Text [I assume you mean "each _chapter_ file"] 
> But when I generate my TOC, I don't get what I expected.
> I get #-# (1-#)

Yep. You defined <$chapnum> as the text string "1" in the Numbering dialog. 

On the Chapter tab of the Numbering dialog, select the first radio button. In the Chapter # field to its right, type the _name_ of the chapter (e.g., Variables). In the Format field to its right, select Text. 
> \- seems to just create some kind of marker between the two 
> numbers, where as using - works fine.

Oops. Typo on my part. I meant \=, which creates an en dash. To my eye, the standard hyphen is too narrow for this use and the em dash is too wide. If you like the hyphen, don't worry about it. In xref formats, though, use a non-breaking hyphen (\+) so you'll never get a line break right in front of the page number. 


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