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RE: Adding a prefix to the page number & getting it to show upin theTOC *SOLVED*


Thanks to Martha J Davidson & Steart Rogers for the answer. I provide it
here for the archives.

In FrameMaker 7.0 do the following:

For each file - open the numbering properties dialog.
Go to the Chapters tab.

Chapter # 1 Type: Numeric
Chapter # TextGoesHere Type: Text

Do not change the ChapterNumber variable (<$chapnum>) directly.

When you generate your TOC use:

The text you entered in the numbering properites dialog will appear in
place of <$chapnum> in the TOC.

Thanks for everyone's help.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Martha J Davidson [mailto:editrix@nemasys.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 13:32
> That's close, but not quite. The place to set the text for 
> the chapter number is in the numbering properties for each file in the

> book, on the Chapter tab. Set the type to Text and then type the text
> want for each chapter. Doing this is what sets the value of the
> variable, which is counterintuitive, though I never realized that 
> before. Since it's a variable, it makes sense that you'd change it the
> you change other variables.

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