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Another Indexing plug-in that lists the current index entries in a real-timewindow


You may all be interested in this new plug-in that adds a smarter Marker
window to your menu bar and also displays all your entries sorted
alphabetically in a separate window.  I can't get the demo  working myself,
so contact the emDEX people at the email address on their website if you
can't either.

This looks like a useful complement of or replacement for IXgen.

>    "bink2404" <bink2404@yahoo.co.uk>
>    10/10/2003 12:18 AM
>    Please respond to inframe
>          To: inframe@yahoogroups.com
>          cc:
>          Subject: [inframe] emDEX v2.00 now available
> Version 2.00 of emDEX is now available, including a new sizeable
> marker edit window with user-defined formatting buttons and font
> control.
> emDEX is a FrameMaker? Plug-In, adding a real-time visual means of
> watching your index grow right before your eyes to help you track and
> modify your index entries on the fly. No more need to tag-and-
> generate again and again.
> A demo version is available from the website at http://www.emdex.ca
> Regards,
> Paul Scott
> emDEX

[Windows XP Pro, FrameMaker 7.0p578, FrameScript 2.1r3, Enhance 2.04,
Acrobat 5.05, mif2go 33u34, WebWorks Publisher 7.05, IXgen 7.2p055, HTML
Help Workshop 4.74 build 8702.0, HTML Help 1.31]


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