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Re: UGH--Acrobat 6 sets Arial and TNR to "Never Embed" by default????

In reality, a number of changes were made in Acrobat 6 in
settings based on my recommendations, just not enough!

The good news is that for the Windows PostScript driver 
settings for the "Adobe PDF" driver instance, the Acrobat 6
made changes to match the majority (although not all) of my
recommendations. The only changes NOT made were for use of
"pure binary" and the default resolution (I recommend 600
instead of the default 1200 to get around a Windows bug
associated with turning text into outlines and a FrameMaker 
bug associated with larger page sizes not printing at high
resolution settings) as well as whether distillation starts
before or after all spooling is completed.

The bad news is that I strongly disagree with some of the
default joboptions. The rationale for what you saw was that
a very large population of end-users want very small PDF files
and that most are also on Windows on which the "never embed"
fonts are allegedly always present. My personal philosophy is
to prudently create ONE "view and print anywhere and everywhere"
high quality PDF file, albeit a bit bulkier in size. That requires
embedding all fonts and explicitly failing if any font fails to 

        - Dov

At 10/10/2003 09:31 AM, Sean Brierley wrote:
>I do have it set to fail. And, I do customize my
>setup. I just missed this because I was in a hurry,
>didn't check the default setting, and it bit me.
>I would very much appreciate it if Adobe would work
>out the kinks in the Acrobat installation. It's been a
>lot of releases, now, and they should have it right.
>Has it occurred to anyone on the Acrobat team to defer
>to you on these issues?
>--- Dov Isaacs <isaacs@adobe.com> wrote:
>> Personally, I would never use ANY of the default
>> "joboptions"
>> "provided" with Distiller 6. Unless you like grief,
>> your
>> joboptions under any and all conditions should
>> always embed
>> all fonts as subsets and FAIL if embedding does not
>> succeed.

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