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Re: upgrade FM6 FM7 license server


Thanks for the details. I didn't know about the .scenarios file.  There's
always something new for me to learn.


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On 10/8/03 1:58 AM, "Björn Jernberg   (ÄS/GIS)"
<bjorn.jernberg@ericsson.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I solved the problem with the stripped
> FrameMaker7 license server installation. (Thanks to Peter Gold)
> I found a file (.scenarios) in the FMHOME/fminit folder.
> The file .scenarios was needed by FM to accept the FM7 license key.
> I'm not sure if it was created during installation or if it was
> created when I entered the license key in fmsetupfls before I stripped the
> installation. 


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