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Re: Frame LOM Crash

I will pass this on to our FrameMaker support folks @ Adobe ...

        - Dov

At 9/22/2003 08:40 AM, David Ricci wrote:
>I was wondering whether anyone has any suggestions on how to best address the following problem. I am using FrameMaker 7.0 on a PC.
>I have have an 80 page book that is indexed, has a TOC, LOF, and LOT, all of which can be updated quite readily.
>As a help to engineering, I also created a List of Markers (comments).
>Each time I have attempted to create the LOM, however, Frame crashes. I am able to generate a LOM on the first three chapters in the book, but the inclusion of any one of the last three chapters results in a crash.
>I have searched through all markers for any anomalies to no avail.
>Is this a known problem?
>Any suggestions for resolving the issue?
>David Ricci

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