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RE: Photoshop EPS files become inaccessible

Actually, the primary reason why an EPS file from Photoshop is "bigger"
than a TIFF file is that unless you save an an image as an EPS from
Photoshop with the JPEG option, Photoshop applies absolutely NO compression
to the image it places in the EPS file. Virtually all TIFF images are
either LZW or ZIP compressed internally; no such compression is currently
applied by Photoshop when saving EPS although PostScript Level 2 and above
certainly support non-lossy compression.

This lack of compression, along with a by-default ASCII image data
representation (2 bytes of hex data per byte of real data), housekeeping
data in PostScript, plus a TIFF preview header yield a heavyweight file.

Want a lightweight version of same? Save the image as PDF in Photoshop
and then save that PDF file as EPS (with preview header) in Acrobat!
You should achieve some significant savings in file size with no quality

The other information referred to such as angles, dangles, and paths
would also appear in a TIFF or PDF file.

        - Dov

At 9/22/2003 03:52 PM, Matt Sullivan wrote:
>In my experience in commercial printing, I developed a superstition with
>regard to Bitmapped EPS files.
>They contain tons of info in the header including (as I recall, but not
>limited to)
>-preview info
>-dot shape
>-screen angles
>-transfer functions
>-clipping path info
>I always felt this was the reason the EPS file was bigger compared to a .tif
>I estimated that of all BM graphics that corrupted, 90% were EPS, 10% were
>.tif, none were Scitex CT. (gif, jpg were not yet a glimmer in the eye of
>the yet-to-be-developed world of the web designer)
>Bottom Line: If you don't need clipping paths, it's likely you don't need to
>save as EPS
>Matt Sullivan
>GRAFIX Training, Inc.
>1094 Cudahy Place, 102
>San Diego, CA 92110
>619 275-3963


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>Hello All
>This is only slightly Frame-related, so feel free to delete.
>There are two writers here, both using Photoshop 6.01 on Windows 2K. We
>regularly use Photoshop EPS for screenshots (Binary, 8-bit TIFF,
>Interpolate On). From time to time, we find that: (a) FrameMaker can't
>import an EPS file (grey box syndrome), then (b) one of us can open the
>EPS file in Photoshop but the other can't, then (c) we re-save as EPS, and
>sometimes that fixes it, other times it doesn't.
>Today I couldn't open three Photoshop EPS files created by my co-worker.
>He opened them and saved as BMP, but my Photoshop couldn't open the BMPs
>either. Neither Paint Shop Pro 7 nor Illustrator 10 could open either the
>EPS or the BMPs. Finally he saved them to a different folder, and I was
>able to open them. It appeared to be something to do with security access
>to the files, but I could open other files in the same folder, and the
>file properties did not show the Hidded or View Only. Anyone else come
>across this behaviour?
>Roger Shuttleworth
>London, Canada

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